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The Tae Kwon Do Center Programs

The center offers various programs for adults, children, male and female of all ages.  Among the many programs are included:

  • Regular modern Tae Kwon Do classes
  • Weapons classes
  • After School programs
  • Summer Camp programs
  • Korean Language for the Black Belt Club
  • Master club program and the WTF

The World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) is the International organization representing Taekwondo as a sport. Its President is also the Vise President of The International Olympic Committee. WTF is responsible for an estimated 4,000,000 Taekwondo practitioners in over 170 countries. 

Its Masters train masters who give regional referee seminars in order to standardize the rules of competition. 

Its members have established global branches through national organizations and national unions to maintain quality instructions and competitions and to reinforce its standardized rules and regulations.

After School Program

Find a Fun and Exciting Alternative to Tae Kwon Do Care.  U.S Taekwondo After School Programs are the answer you are looking for!

These are the building blocks of our After School programs.

U.S Taekwondo center offers a safe and enriching environment where, through TaeKwonDo, children develop physically, mentally and socially. We take great pride in not only teaching martial arts skills but also life lessons - lessons that will prepare our young students for the upcoming challenges in there lives.

Transportation is provided to and from school for before and after school activities. It's simple! Just drop off your child here in the morning for before care and pick them up from here after their after school program.

After Care - We will pick up your child from the school and bring them to our facility.  Students will have daily TaeKwonDo lessons mixed with activities designed to promote cardiovascular health. However, a strong body cannot exist without a strong mind. Homework time is provided to reinforce the education received in school and mental focus is a primary goal of every class.

Summer Camp

Our T.K.D Summer Camp is a busy and fun camp with arts & craft, Korean Language, watch movie, indoor activities etc.

Daily Taekwondo classes are taught in a fun and safe environment!
Many of our campers are beginners.  Teaching both Taekwondo and life lessons is what we do and we make sure that kids who have never practiced martial arts before feel comfortable and exicited

Children's Personal Conduct Program

Black Belt Club
The Black Belt Club is designed for anyone who has the drive and desire to achieve a black belt in Taekwondo. The Black Belt Club last for 36 months. Upon graduation, the student receives a black belt certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation WTF. 

The Black Belt Club includes: Weapons training using the sword, bow, and nunchaku Korean language lessons Social events Competitions 

Become a part of our 1 Year Program

The 1 Year Program is designed for anyone who has the drive and desire to achieve a blue belt in Taekwondo. The program last for 12 months. Upon graduation, the student receives a blue belt certified by the WTF

The program includes:

  • Learn Basic kicks
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Social Events Competition


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